The valve assembly doesn’t appear to close off a port?

The slide gates for LiveO2-AC and ExtremeO2 are designed to close prop­er­ly when the cable is uncoiled.

When the cable is coiled, the cable is bunched up inside caus­ing the gate not to align prop­er­ly.  If your cable is uncoiled, and the gate isn’t align­ing, then there may have been a yank that changed the align­ment, don’t wor­ry, here’s a video that shows how to repair it…

The gate is misaligned when the cable is coiled.

The gate is mis­aligned when the cable is coiled.

Note the gate is properly aligned when the cable is relaxed.

Note the gate is prop­er­ly aligned when the cable is relaxed.

This is the same assem­bly with the cable installed, not coiled tight­ly. Note the gate prop­er­ly cov­ers both the alti­tude and oxy­gen ports.

If you pulled too hard on your sys­tem and the cable detached from either the slide con­troller, or the valve assem­bly, don’t wor­ry. Here is a tuto­r­i­al that shows how to align the gate, or recon­nect the cable.