What about moisture in the reservoir?

The LiveO2, LiveO2 AC and ExtremeO2 sys­tems are not vul­ner­a­ble to mois­ture and will not host microbes.

Here is why:

  • Air Separators fil­ter mois­ture from the air
  • The reser­voir full of oxy­gen has a very anti-micro­bial effect and works like an antiseptic
  • Check valve pre­vents expired air from re-enter­ing the reservoir.

Absent mois­ture in the reser­voir, there is no way for organ­isms like microbes, bac­te­ria, yeast or  fun­gus, to grow there. Moreover, the oxy­gen rich envi­ron­ment in the reser­voir cre­ates an inhos­pitable envi­ron­ment for any of these organ­isms which tend to be anaerobic.