What if my Air Separator purchased from WHN is having an issue but is now out of Warranty?

For air sep­a­ra­tors that are out of their ini­tial war­ran­ty peri­od, the Whole Health Network offers the fol­low­ing ser­vice and repair options for 5L and 10L air sep­a­ra­tors pur­chased through the Whole Health Network.

For a min­i­mum ser­vice charge of $60 (plus the cost of ship­ping and han­dling both ways), cus­tomers can send in their out of war­ran­ty air sep­a­ra­tor for ser­vice and eval­u­a­tion to the WHN Fulfillment and Service center.

Customers should first con­tact a rep­re­sen­ta­tive from the Whole Health Network to obtain a Service Request Number (SRN). Customers should write the SRN clear­ly and vis­i­bly on the out­side of the box that the Air Separator is being returned in.

Because of the sen­si­tive nature of ship­ping such a heavy item, if the orig­i­nal box and pack­ing mate­ri­als that the air sep­a­ra­tor came in/with are no longer avail­able or if they are oth­er­wise no longer suit­able for return ship­ping, WHN requires that any air sep­a­ra­tor being returned be brought to a pro­fes­sion­al ship­ping car­ri­er (such as Fedex or UPS) to be pro­fes­sion­al­ly pack­aged in such a way that guar­an­tees that no fur­ther dam­age will be incurred dur­ing the ship­ping process.

For the base ser­vice charge of $60, WHN will per­form a diag­nos­tic eval­u­a­tion on the unit as well as per­form relat­ed ser­vice main­te­nance on the air sep­a­ra­tor and applic­a­ble parts (check­ing and clean­ing of fil­ters etc). If the fix is rel­a­tive­ly sim­ple and involves only the most basic parts to repair and restore the air sep­a­ra­tor to its opti­mal func­tion, the cus­tomer can expect to pay no oth­er charge beyond the $60 (plus S&H both ways). If the fix requires more time inten­sive labor and/or more cost­ly replace­ment parts to restore the unit to opti­mal func­tion, the Whole Health Network will charge $60 per hour plus the cost of any nec­es­sary parts. Any fur­ther ser­vice charges beyond the min­i­mum $60 will be pro­rat­ed in 15 minute incre­ments to avoid undue charges to WHN customers.

WHN will rou­tine­ly per­form an inspec­tion of all items at the time they are received for the pur­pose of iden­ti­fy­ing any dam­age that may have been incurred dur­ing the return ship­ping process. Customers will be liable for any addi­tion­al dam­ages to their unit which may have been incurred dur­ing ship­ping due to infe­ri­or packaging.