What is LiveO2 with Adaptive Contrast?

Extreme O2

LiveO2 AC

LiveO2 AC takes oxy­gen train­ing to the next lev­el by incor­po­rat­ing a high alti­tude com­po­nent to the LiveO2 sys­tem reser­voir. In this way, users are able to do ‘sprints’ in a sim­u­lat­ed high alti­tude envi­ron­ment as part of their train­ing pro­to­col while exer­cis­ing and then rapid­ly switch back into an increased oxy­gen state. Due to the phys­i­o­log­i­cal changes that take place in this high alti­tude envi­ron­ment, the user expe­ri­ences the increased ben­e­fit of hav­ing the LiveO2 mode pen­e­trate deep­er than is pos­si­ble with LiveO2 alone, there­by max­i­miz­ing the effects.