What is LiveO2?

Live O2


LiveO2 is an Advanced EWOT train­ing sys­tem, sort of like EWOT ‘on steroids’. Rather than the user breath­ing a ‘trick­le’ of oxy­gen when exer­cis­ing, the LiveO2 sys­tem uti­lizes a reser­voir designed to cap­ture and store a greater quan­ti­ty of oxy­gen as it is pro­duced by a con­cen­tra­tor. When the reser­voir becomes filled, the user dons the full face mask which is attached to the reser­voir sys­tem and com­mences to exer­cise. In this way, a much greater amount of oxy­gen is able to be tak­en in, pro­duc­ing far supe­ri­or effects to tra­di­tion­al EWOT train­ing. Since the effects of train­ing with oxy­gen are cumu­la­tive, the user will get much far­ther, much faster, using a LiveO2 sys­tem than is pos­si­ble with the lim­it­ed amount of oxy­gen that’s avail­able when using tra­di­tion­al EWOT meth­ods. LiveO2 more close­ly sim­u­lates the orig­i­nal OMST pro­to­col that has been suc­cess­ful­ly researched and employed out of Germany for decades than its American cousin EWOT.