What is the difference between LiveO2 and LiveO2-AC (Adaptive Contrast)?

Our LiveO2 sys­tem comes with a new 5 LPM air sep­a­ra­tor (and one year war­ran­ty if shipped with­in the US) and the cost is $2,295. This sys­tem includes every­thing need­ed to use the LiveO2 sys­tem, includ­ing a brand new 5L Airsep Visionaires air sep­a­ra­tor.

Our LiveO2 AC System (with Adaptive Contrast) comes with a new, mod­i­fied Airsep Intensity 10 LPM air sep­a­ra­tor. This reser­voir is man­u­fac­tured with the added fea­ture of a built-in high alti­tude com­part­ment, in addi­tion to the reser­voir that holds the oxy­gen rich air. While LiveO2 is state of the art in oxy­gen train­ing, LiveO2 AC deliv­ers about twice the phys­i­cal response, in the same amount of time. LiveO2 AC lever­ages increased res­pi­ra­to­ry tur­bu­lence, using a sim­u­lat­ed high alti­tude envi­ron­ment, to entice the body to absorb even more oxy­gen than the LiveO2 System in a 15 minute ses­sion.

Our EWOT to LiveO2 Conversion kit a.k.a. the LiveO2 Resp kit can be used with any air sep­a­ra­tor with an out­put of 5LPM or bet­ter. This prod­uct is for some­one who already owns their own air sep­a­ra­tor and comes with all oth­er com­po­nents need­ed to suc­cess­ful­ly use the LiveO2 System. Please vis­it whnstore.com to place an order for this prod­uct.