What is the fill time for the LiveO2-AC and Extreme O2?

For 10 LPM LiveO2-Adaptive Contrast and Extreme O2, the fill time is approx­i­mate­ly 1 hour when the sys­tem is set for fill.

When you fill the sys­tem be sure the slide con­trol is set to ‑O2.  Note the posi­tion of the slide gate, which clos­es off the oxy­gen port. During fill this posi­tion pre­vents oxy­gen from escap­ing from the fill.

Position Slide Valve on -O2 setting to fill.

Position Slide Valve on ‑O2 set­ting to fill.

Also, the oxy­gen flow should be set to the max­i­mum flow of the con­cen­tra­tor. The ball float indi­ca­tor should be posi­tioned at, or slight­ly above the max­i­mum fill level.

*It is impor­tant not to over­drive your air sep­a­ra­tor. For spe­cif­ic instruc­tions on how to prop­er­ly set your oxy­gen flow rate meter, fol­low this link: https://whnlive.com/support/air-separator-warning-light-and-alarm-sounding/

Flow meter should be set to just below top fill level

Flow meter should be set to just below top fill level