What oxygen purity do I need with my LiveO2 Upgrade?

We rec­om­mend an Air Separator that pro­duces at least 70% oxy­gen.

Fortunately, this includes most refur­bished, reman­u­fac­tured units. If you notice your sys­tem does not bring your O2 sat­u­ra­tion to at least 98% with­in 5 min­utes, your Air Separator is prob­a­bly not pro­duc­ing enough oxy­gen.

We have test­ed our sys­tem down to 50% puri­ty and find that it still pro­duces ben­e­fi­cial results.

Many Air Separators have built in low-oxy­gen sen­sors that trig­ger an alarm when the oxy­gen thresh­old falls below 80%. This indi­ca­tor is very use­ful. Given the choice to pur­chase an Air Separator with this fea­ture, or one with­out — choose the indi­ca­tor.

  • Our Air Separators are test­ed to pro­duce at least 75% oxy­gen.