LiveO2 Protocol Case Report – 10 Concussions


This 25 year old subject reports approximately 10 concussions with escalating quality of life challenges starting at age 14.  This subject completed a series of 3 training sessions using LiveO2 over a period of 5 weeks.  CNS panels show progressive improvement in brain function at each test eventually improving from 1 to 8 tests above average.  Subject illustrates improvements in neurological fluidity with guitar improvisation in video.  Subject reported lasting cessation of night terrors by second training, restoration of memory, and resolution of depression.

Protocol was LiveO2 Whole body flush.

Panel-1 Before Training

Results Snapshot - Before training
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Concussion Protocol Case Report


Subject reports a series of three head injuries spanning 18 months, from falls and a car accident resulted in progressive compromise in quality of life and disabling disability.  Neurological panels before first session, after first session, and after two sessions at day 7, illustrate improvement of brain function.  CNS scores improved from 1 to 7 above average scores at seven days after the initial session with two sessions.   At day 7 after first session, subject reported restored ability to work, and dream patterns to before the incidents.  Subject reported improvements fully persist at 30 months.

Protocol consisted of Whole Body Flush, and 15 minutes of PEMF to the head on day 1, and day 7 for a total of 1 hour total.

Before Concussion Protocol - note 7 extremely low scores.

Before Concussion Protocol – note 7 extremely low scores.  Click on image to view full CNSVS panel.

Two hours later – after protocol.

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