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Mike Hoomanawanui

Mike Hoomanawanui / STL / Tight End

Mike is a rook­ie this year who has had high ankle sprains on both feet.  His train­er sug­gest­ed that try our method.

The St Louis Post Dis­patch reports: “Mike looks like he may be back in time for the 49ers game”.

Mike report­ed:

  • 50% res­o­lu­tion on Thurs­day / 20 Minute ses­sion;
  • 90% res­o­lu­tion on Fri­day / 20 Minute ses­sion;
  • Res­o­lu­tion per­sist­ed on Sun­day
  • Ankle Mag­ic / High Ankle Sprain

Method Note: This is a spe­cial high ankle treat­ment method devel­oped by WHN.  Oth­er PEMF treat­ments will not give this degree of results in a sin­gle treat­ment.

Now… Check­out:

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