Anaerobic Fatigue

What do five mid-season NFL football players and a little old lady have in common?

If you guessed Fatigue – your right.


Fatigue has remained an unresolved, and life limiting, mystery for many.  The experiment started last year in Cleveland, and this year in St. Louis, with a group of football players wanted to go to sleep — all the time.:

  • During team meetings;
  • On the bench during an NFL football games.

Who ever thought elite athletes, in the prime of life, would suffer from fatigue, just like little old ladies?

Who ever thought their bodies would hurt for the same reason?

BurningRunnerThis was a surprise.  Our analysis determined the professional athletes, just like the little old lady, all had low oxygen as r hypoxia, or hypoxemia.  Their bodies were oxygen deprived, even though their was plenty of oxygen in the air, and their lung capacity varied from normal to superior. Their bodies were not delivering oxygen to tissues. But why?

Stress had damaged the body’s mechanisms that move oxygen from their lungs to body tissues.

The football players called of season fatigue – they blamed their tired on continuous games and practice, and pain on the play impact.

4080333_sThe little old lady called it chronic fatigue, and blamed her tired on stuff nobody could explain, and her pain on something else nobody could explain called fibromyalgia.

We studied both at the same time and discovered it was very similar, if not the same. We discovered each had three problems. All of them had:

So we tried a simple, drug-free experiment, and fixed them all in 30 minutes. Want to know more?

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Science of Fatigue

Fatigue is cellular dysfunction that occurs when a body’s energy supply fails to meet ongoing demand resulting in an absence of energy, or tiredness.

Fatigue occurs when the cellular energy the Mitochondria ATP production falls short of demand. This is normally due to a prolonged breakdown in the Aerobic Krebs Cycle where the body is unable to deliver one or more required substrates to maintain aerobic metabolism.

Prolonged dysfunction results in stable equilibrium where the dysfunctions caused by deficient energy production further contribute to deficient energy production.

The resource on this site provide a cause and care model for fatigue resolution.  These resources:

  • Target disruption of the metabolic factors
  • That which result in locked or stable equilibrium
  • Compromised cellular energy production
  • also known as fatigue.
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