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Cure Cellular Fatigue



This presentation concludes with a method to rapidly cure cellular fatigue. This is probably the most important health information most people will ever encounter.

The material between here and there describes fatigue as a cascade of stress induced effects that inhibit cell energy.

This loss causes local, and later, body-wide decrease in cell vitality, which enables disease, fatigue and degeneration.

The cascade is enabled by a known, but medically unnoticed, function of blood which transports oxygen and nutrients to parts of the body that do not have a normal blood supply.

Actionable & Fast

For most of us, these methods are an ultimate self care tool to halt, and usually reverse the main destructive effect of stress on body cells. These protocols restore the vital flow that delivers nutrients and carries away waste.

The system simple and affordable. It does not require a lifelong supply of nutrients, expensive equipment, or much time.

The system has a 30 year history of success and safety. Our website provides most, if not all, of the protocols designed by Manfred von Ardenne to support a spectrum of health conditions.


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