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This section provides practial cautions regarding Oxygen Pulse Therapy.

Oxygen is very safe, unless it is abused or over used. Harm is possible, but far beyond the recommended use described in this presentation.

Oxygen Concentration

There are several cautions about oxygen use:

  • Breathing pure oxygen for 12 or more hours can harm the lungs;
  • Prolonged use of rich oxygen, for weeks, at rest permits the body to reduce oxygen delivery efficiency;
  • Individuals with failed CO2 breathing reflexes can stop breathing if they get too much oxygen, but only at rest.

Ardenne’s protocols are safe because:

  • Oxygen use is limited to 15 minutes, well below 12 hours;
  • Therapy is short and strenuous – and doesn’t allow the body to adapt to high oxygen;
  • Therapy fixes the damage to carbon dioxide breathing reflexes with carbon dioxide.

Be Reasonable

Be Reasonable. Don’t hurt yourself. Therapy is exercise, so all the cautions and risks of exercise apply.

Oxygen will make your exercise seem easier, and you will naturally exert more. If you don’t exercise regularly, easy does it.

We suggest that if you don’t exercise regularly, exercise without oxygen the first time and then limit your exercise to that level with oxygen.

Continue this until you are totally comfortable that increased exertion with oxygen will not be harmful to you.


An aneurysm is structurally weakened area of a blood vessel. Rupture occurs when blood pressure exceeds the structrual strength and the vessel ruptures. The size of the vessel, rupture size, downstream tissue, and clotting factors determine severity.

Vessel weakness is the result of degeneration, which is caused by oxygen and nutrient deficiency.

So while healthy plasma oxygen level protects arteries, foolish agression that leads too much vascular pressure in weakened vessels can cause disaster.

If you’ve had a long-term sedimentary lifestyle, or suspect vascular disease; start easy.

Start with a low-stress therapy, like Ardenne’s 36 hour cure, to gently restore your vascular system with mild exertion.

Then see a doctor to evaluate your ability to exercise.


Movies dramatize oxygen as fire hazard for entertainment. This is untrue. Oxygen, by itself, is not flammable and will not ignite or burn.

On the other hand, if you oxygen with fuel, like propane, or flammable dust, the combination will explode more violently than with just air.

Ardenne’s protocols use extra oxygen to restart the body’s controlled combusion process.

Strain Moderation

Muscles that get extra oxygen are immediately stronger. This can create a strength imbalance during early training.

When muscle is stronger than tendons and ligaments, exertion can strain them. Connective tissue takes a few sessions to "catch-up" with muscles spiked with oxygen.

So when you do oxygen powered strength training, limit your exertion, to normal levels for the first few sessions, to build connective tissue.

Aerobic training, where force is identical to normal workouts, does not have this issue.

Connective Tissue Training

This effect enables a new kind of training that builds connective tissue.

So if you practice a sport where you’re vulerable to sprains, contact us for connective tissue building protocols.

These will increase your resistance to sprain injury.


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