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Cellular Fatigue

Cellular energy is health. Cellular fatigue is disease.

Any factor that limits cell energy, reduces performance, and reduces defenses. This combination makes cellular energy the most important factor in all of health, it defines cellular performance that governs quality of live, and the cellular weakness that defines vulnerability to all disease.

Health care lacks effective methods to restore cellular energy. While cell energy is very complex — The most important factor for most of us is the reason why it fails.

This starts out simple, with stress; and in the medically invisible way that stress closes down the body’s plumbing.

Used to be impractical

When we first discovered these methods, the protocols either required too much time for most people to spare, 36 or more hours, or requried too much equipment for most people to afford.

These combined factors made the original solutions impractical for most people, and limited them to specialized clinics across Europe.

Reinvented System

We reinvented these methods into an a product line of affordable, modular systems suitable for at-home, professional and clinic use.

The features, performance and price are ranged to meet the health recovery needs of an individual on a limited budget; all the way up to professional NFL teams to maintain optimal player performance with agressive training and competitive schedules.

All of these systems reverse the physical effects of stress in a handful of 15 minute sessions. The athletic and professional systems support altitude contrast training to optimize physical performace well beyond traditional norms.

These results have been reproduced thousands of times over thirty years, and have proven permanent most cases. They have enabled durable recovery of many health issues.


We know it’s hard to believe that a simple, affordable system could do so much in such a short time. It was for us anyway.

This presentation is loaded with more than most people will ever want to know – but almost every piece is is something that an unfortunate many need to know to survive and thrive.

This presentation describes stress and to explains how depletion of a known but seeminlgy small reserve of medically unnoticed oxygen is a critical to the health of the supply network. This network in turn, determines health or disease, for most cells in the body.

When this supply line is damaged by stress; it causes hidden permanent inflammation; and perpetual cell distress. Over time, these effects accumulate, enable disease, degeneration, and reduce quality of life.

The Home Solution

The home solution uses a low cost oxygen generator, any piece stationary exercise equipment, and 15 minutes. Steps:

  • Connect any standard oxygen concentrator;
  • Turn on the system and wait 2 hours;
  • Put on a mask and exercise for 15 minutes.

This system delivers enough oxygen to reverse hidden inflammation that chokes off blood flow to tissue. This restores blood and oxygen to cells and flushing waste.

Benefits accumulate with repeated use as more of the vascular system returns to health. The system restores the cell oxygen supply and restores and maintains quality of life and vitality.

This low cost home system does not include an oxygen generator; these are readily on the internet or from your doctor.

Home Systems

The home system is a affordable, fast and simple. It lets you defend your quality of life from avoidable consequences of both stress and age.

Home systems have several limitations:

  • Use is limited to once or twice daily because the system must replenish between uses;
  • Systems are only only capable of oxygen-rich operation. They do not support advanced training;
  • They do not include an oxygen generator which is required.

Many already have access to an oxygen generator. Prescription units are covered by nearly all insurance programs. Aftermarket and refurbished units are usually available on the internet at reasonable prices.

Aftermarket refurbished units do not meet our quality or warranty requirements, so only our professional systems include oxygen generating equipment.

Professional and clinical

Advanced systems for athletic and professional use, deliver even higher performance and advanced features, including:

  • Combined High and Low Altitude Training;
  • Rapid recycling and continuous use.

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Membership declares that your relationship with us:

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More Information

The following parts of this presentation provide more detailed information regarding physiology, history and much more.

We have dedicated an entire web site to these systems. Go to Hover over the Technology Menu, and click the Altitude Contrast menu item to access this site.


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