First Aid

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First Aid for injuries. Stabilization is always a first priority.

Protocol Inflammation Role Until
RICE Limit inflammation by mechanical and thermal methods. 24 hours
PEMF Injury Area Aids inflammation management. Strengthens surrounding tissue decreasing collateral damage. Aids arterial constriction reflex to reduce bleeding/bruising. Improves oxygen desaturation to damaged tissues. Strengthens cells in the damaged area improving survival of marginal tissues. Improves blood dispersion aiding nutrient and waste flow. Pain stops
ePad Injury Locally increases zeta potential to aid dispersion of waste products by providing free electrons to the injury site. Dispersion inhibits pathogen colonization, and replication. Reduces congestion in nutrient pathways. Healing Complete
OMST Trauma Limit tissue hypoxia damage by local increase of oxygen partial pressure. Omit “heat” while ice is in use.
Homeopathic Arnica the injury Helps reduce bruising, swelling. Mechanism unknown. No Discomfort
Homeopathic Oral Arnica & Hypericum Arnica helps reduce bruising, swelling. Hypericum aids neurological response injury. Mechanism unknown. 24 hours

Prompt and effective first aid can reduce injury damage by 50-80%, and reduce recovery times proportionally.

Energetic support of damaged tissue is a new principle::

Healing is triggered by inflammation. Inflammation is a balance. It is important not to “suppress” inflammation beyond stabilization. In other words conservative use of “anti-inflammatories” is advised.

Second Aid

Second aid optimizes the organism to support the injured area by feed and flow to/from the injury site. Feed and flow are the keys. This protocol optimizes availability and delivery of agents which limit healing rates:

Role Use
PEMF Injury Area Aids healing processes rate limited by energy.
Increases nutrient/oxygen diffusion by inducing electroporation which improves nutrient/oxygen availability to non-vascular tissue. Aids oxygen desaturation.
On discomfort + 2x daily 15-30 min.
PEMF Liver Support whole metabolism detox and energy.
Daily. Increase from 3 min by 3 min
bone marrow
Aid production and release of stem cells
to aid regeneration of injured area.
Daily. Increase from 6 min by 3 min
ePad Injury Increase injury area zeta potential to support incoming nutrients and outgoing waste.
Colloidal Silica Antioxidant decreases ORP 1000+ mV by increasing electron availability. Increase systemic zeta potential aiding RBC dispersion and systemic nutrient and oxygen availability. Aids collagen synthesis.
Daily 1200 mg
Stem Cell Nutrients Feedstock to optimize stem cell production
Daily 600 mg
Hyaluronic Acid Promotes successful inflammation. Use topically also.
Daily 150 mg
Collagen Feedstock Building materials for collagen.
Daily 15000 mg.
Vitamin C Aid collagen synthesis. The body uses large amounts of vitamin C during healing.
Daily 3000 mg
Anabolic Joint Spray Alcohols aid anabolic metabolism for healing. Improve oxygen (See Oxysock) availability for non-vascular tissue.
3x daily & with oxysock if avail
OMST Systemic, 36h and/or 15 min athletic Optimize oxygen plasma saturation to support non-vascular tissue. Optimize tissue oxygen availability.
OMST Oxysock Increases oxygen partial pressure to injured site by diffusion and plasma partial pressure. Limits secondary tissue hypoxia.

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