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18 month bad Knee Restored in 3 weeks

Winston was Michael Vick’s blind side guy until the 2010 playoffs when he overplayed and made a bad injury worse. Eleven months, and two surgeries later, he could barley walk, let alone run or play.

We did 3 Enstem therapy sessions Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Within 3 weeks he was starting.  The cartilage and knee damage, reportedly micro-fracture, healed enough that he had no further issue with the knee.

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Winston’s looked at me like I was crazy when  I told him we could have him back by November.  I was good-wrong by 2 weeks.

Winston Justice, PHL, is back on the line.  Winston spent the first 5 games of the season with a bum knee.  Yesterday, he reported he felt very strong in the upset victory against the Redskins.

Our Injury Healing System based on Energetic Stem Cell Activation, stabilized his knee way faster than I predicted.

Here is the story from Winston Himself:


Winston contacted me 3 weeks ago to see if we could help his knee.  We used our combo-system:

And it worked – fast.  Check out the newsletter article announcing his return… 

The SBNation Newsletter reports

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