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Broken Nose

Immediate Trauma Care with Zeta Probe reduced 24 hour swelling and bruising by at least 70%.

Achilles Tendinitis

This is a multi-year case of progressive Achilles tendinitis that permanently resolved in a single 1 hour therapy session.  Full resolution took 30 days with 75% discomfort relieved by the end of the session. httpv://

Jason Brown – Knee Sprain

This is a case of self care – Jason Brown – Center STL Rams. Jason got a hyper-extended knee in a game and quickly enough not to miss any games. Technologies Used: Magnapulse PEMF ePad

18 month bad Knee Restored in 3 weeks

Winston was Michael Vick’s blind side guy until the 2010 playoffs when he overplayed and made a bad injury worse. Eleven months, and two surgeries later, he could barley walk, let alone run or play. We did 3 Enstem therapy sessions Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Within 3 weeks he was starting.  The cartilage and knee …

Laurent Robinson – Last Season’s Ankle

Laurent Robinson made big news this year with the Dallas Cowboys. Last year his ankle and season fatigue limited his performance, and career. We fixed his fatigue, and his ankle, so this year, he became a superstar. Here is the rest of the story… WHN’s new ankle recovery protocol is recovers emerging super-stars leftover ankle …

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