Run Rip / Recover

Earlier this year I trained hard on Extreme O2. Shortly I felt good enough outrun my 11 year old in a 100 yard sprint – wearing sandals – running in a ditch – after 3 beers. This combination was a BAD idea.

I won the race with a grade-2 ACL sprain (~60% torn), and an inguinal hernia. Continue reading

Achilles Tendinitis

This is a multi-year case of progressive Achilles tendinitis that permanently resolved in a single 1 hour therapy session.  Full resolution took 30 days with 75% discomfort relieved by the end of the session. Continue reading

Ankle Fixed – Brad Elder – Pro Golf

Brad Elder, PGA pro, reports how a single Enstem therapy session resolved a 7 year nagging ankle injury that limited his performance.

Continue reading

Stale Injury Care & Turf Toe

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Stale Injury Care & Turf Toe

EnStem is a new energetic therapy for chronic inflammation affecting connective tissue.

It has been 100% effective resolving stale and chronic injury with NFL clients so far.  Turf toe discomfort usually resolves within an hour, while other injuries recover much faster than expected.  Continue reading


For the past year I have been training for my first marathon to be held this October; it’s the Rock and Roll Marathon.  Last weekend, I had planned to run a 10-k on Old Flowers but a few nights before, slipped on some rocks and twisted my ankle. Continue reading

Injury Recovery