ePads are based on Native Amer­i­can use of med­i­cine rocks.

These rocks present var­i­ous ener­getic effects includ­ing:

  • Piezo­elec­tric result­ing from quartz
  • Sil­ver Dis­per­sion & Migra­tion
  • Nat­ur­al Beta par­ti­cle emis­sion
  • Flu­id Dis­per­sion effects from increased Zeta Poten­tial
  • Tox­in Mobi­liza­tion
  • Anti-path­o­gen­ic, bac­te­rio­sta­t­ic effects from these com­bined effects

Gen­er­al­ly ePads work as a heal­ing aid in a wide range of con­di­tions.

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