Data Sheet

Intended Use: Trauma bandage, expedite recovery, non-drug pain relief. Works during active-use & travel.

Indications: pain, laceration, bruise, sprain, strain, cramp, injury, soreness


  • Closed wound: Apply to affected area.
  • Open wound: Apply to cleaned wound
  • Bed Use: Place below sheet facing upward under affected area, hip, neck, head, etc.



  • Closed wounds:
    • inhibits/resolves bruising
    • reduces pain
    • inhibits/prevents swelling
    • Accelerates healing at least 25%
  • Open Wounds*:
    • inhibits infection (lipid conjugation & silver ion generation)
    • inhibits scarring/granulation (usually prevents)
    • Accelerates wound closure
    • Inhibits bruising
    • Inhibits swelling
    • Reduces pain

Sensation: Pleasant warming & decrease of discomfort normally apparent within 20 minutes of application

Durability: Perpetual. Clean and reuse.

Cleaning: Wash with soap and water.  Sterilize by boiling or autoclave.
Ingredients: canvas, silver fabric, organic healing stone

*Open Wounds – Silver closure recommended. If silver not available enclose closure in thin plastic and apply over thin layer of gauze.

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