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LiveO2 Therapy


LiveO2 / Oxygen Pulse Therapy

Oxygen Pulse Therapy was first developed by Manfred von Ardenne as Oxygen Multistep Therapy. Oxygen Pulse Therapy induces a temporary maximum in plasma oxygen content, and other factors, to restore cellular oxygen delivery.

Therapy targets capillary chokes with a multiple effect pulse of elevated heartbeat, oxygen, CO2, pulse pressure, and nutrients.

Therapy seeks a perfect storm of simultaneous effects to overcome vascular chokes, and resolve cell distress.

The recipe is technically complicated, but physically simple. The model is to stack as many factors as possible, at the same time to produce the product, not the sum, of effects.

The effects that enable oxygen delivery must overcome the effects that inhibit oxygen delivery. In simple terms, more is better.


Successful therapy overwhelms inhibitors with enablers. The goal is to stack as many factors as possible at the same time in favor of success.

The model seels a perfect storm of oxygen distribution utilizing concentration, turbulence, flow, regulatory effects, and detoxification.

This table organizes therapy factors according apparent effect.

Factor Inhibit Enable Therapy Component
Respiration Sluggish and fractional Full & turbid Exertion->Respiratory Turbulence
Blood Flow Sluggish Turbid Exertion -> Pulse++
Plasma Saturated Normal Respiratory + Vascular Turbulence + O2++
Dispersion Clumped Separate Exertion->CO2++ ->pH Regulation
Lymph Saturated Clear Exertion->Tissue Turbulence
Chokes On Off O2+Plasma Saturation+Vascular Turbulence
CO2 Deficient Regulated Exertion
Nutrients Deplete Adequate Supplements
pH Acid / Alkali Regulated CO2 + Respiration

The Perfect Storm

Physically the method involves three simple and safe components:

  • Extra oxygen in breath;
  • Exertion by exercise;
  • and a Nutrient Cocktail.

The three factors, in sufficient amounts, create a perfect storm.

Sludge Tides

Progress is limited by sludge tides and fitness.

Distress areas release waste within moments of restored circulation. This release forces the body to spend energy on garbage cleanup, which leaves less energy for exertion.

Athletes recognize this as “the wall” which happens when lactic-related acids exceed the body’s ability to recycle.

In therapy, we call this a a sludge tide. Oxygen has reached a distressed area that dumped waste into circulation. Perceived strain persists until the tide is clears, usually in a few minutes.

One 15 minute session usually triggers from 1 to 3 tides.

How Many Sessions

How many sessions will I need? Well, that depends on how much sludge your body has stored.

Each session will release only as much as you can tolerate. Athletes, capable of burst-exertion, usually clean-up in under four sessions. Everybody else takes longer.

Rate of Progress

Tolerance reflects the sludge clearance a person’s body can handle in a session and this varies a lot.

Respiratory power, from a fast heart rate, and hard breath, are vascular turbulence.

This lung turbulence mixes oxygen with blood plasma. Stronger mixing forces more oxygen into blood.

More oxygen fixes more capillary chokes – faster; so respiratory power determines the rate of progress with therapy.


Less able individuals go slower because the body must start by fixing the critical systems that move oxygen.

The lungs, heart, blood and vascular system must work. Without these, oxygen cannot reach other part of the body.

Therapy affects the core systems first. Mild exertion that increases the heart rate only 10% above rest, usually increases lung and heart turbulence enough to begin the process.

Progress continues as long as the therapy repeats before earlier progress fades.

Conservative methods, appropriate for fragile indivdiuals, appropriate for a doctor’s administation are published on

Overwhelmed Cori Cycle

Over 50% of NFL players who use this protocol to resolve season fatigue release enough waste to overwhelm the Cori Cycle.

When the liver floods with too much waste, the excess dumps into the digestive system.

The first clue that this is happening is gurgling under the right rib cage; The second clue is a series of loose stools lasting up to six hours.

Others have reported profuse sweating, and strong urine. These flows evidence clearance of accumlated waste, through a normal elimination pathway.

Rebooting & Well being

Oxygen Pulse Therapy reboots cell metabolism and restores cell function. Function continues until something stops it again.

A sense of improved well being almost always occurs, and persists after each session.

This improvement reflects progressive reduction of distressed tissue and restoration of normal metabolism.



    • Russell Mazelsky on October 25, 2011 at 2:20 pm
    • Reply

    How do I receive O2 treatments?
    Can I do this at home?
    What nutrients / diet are involved?
    What is the cost and locations?

    1. Here is the setup-video that explains how to setup the ExtremeO2. LiveO2 is the same, except that it does not include the High Altitude functionality.
      The system is an oxygen concentrator and a reservoir. The concentrator runs, to gather oxygen into the reservoir, and then you do 5-15 minutes of exercise on any piece of stationary exercise equipment. The combination of exercise and oxygen helps your metabolism. The physiology is fully explained in Manfred von Ardenne’s book.

      As for lower cost systems, the short answer is no. This system outperforms commonly available Hyperbaric Chambers that cost around $10K, and take many hours to use. Our design portable and efficient. The $1375 system uses a refurbished oxygen concentrator – which ships without a doctor’s prescription, which you will need to purchase even a hyperbaric chamber.

      For the fatigue, there are two major references: Our Fatigue Site explains the main reason why you probably have fatigue. We explain both cause, and care. The Cause and sub-menus, give a real explanation of what’s wrong with you. The fatigue care Page , explains the mechanics and method of how to fix it. It is by far the most useful and complete reference that you will find anywhere.

      I see fatigue with our athletes a lot, due to disrupted energy metabolism from capillary chokes. Most of the NFL players had very low energy the day before I fixed them. See, look at the vids that talk about late season fresh. Your description sounds like the chronic version of what they have.

      For supplements, each of the protocols, on the, hover for drop-down, site suggests a nutrient cocktail, before and after therapy. The Oral Myers Cocktail, is superior by far, Instructions Here, they are $34 each, but perform better than an IV Myers Cocktail, my NFL players buy a case a month because they improve their energy and make them look and feel young.
      Mark Squibb

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