This presentation describes the mechansim of cell fatigue.  See Cause resources for a model of why this protocol is necessary. Use these links to access each segments (iPhone, etc.) or to access the text version:

Historical protocols which target clearance of fatigue have a history of poor success because they do not simultaneously key causes of a fatigue condition.

This presentation describes the cellular mechanism of fatigue, and how to improve and usually restore cellular energy production.


Protocol Resources & References:

  1. Altitude Contrast Protocol
  2. Oxygen Multistep Therapy
  3. Chalcogen Supplements: Oxyoil
    • Restores Sulfur & Selenium
    • Breaks down errant lipoids which absorb Chloride (Revici)



Abstract This presentation segment describes the series of effects that lead to the choke mechanism. Basic topics: Cellular stress event, Triggers Na/K imbalance, Inflates the cell, limits Future Flow, plasma only, forces anaerobic, and locks stress. The Vascular Network The human vascular system is a network of about 50,000 miles of tubes that carry blood. …

Product Overview

[youtube] Cellular Fatigue Cellular energy is health. Cellular fatigue is disease. Any factor that limits cell energy, reduces performance, and reduces defenses. This combination makes cellular energy the most important factor in all of health, it defines cellular performance that governs quality of live, and the cellular weakness that defines vulnerability to all disease. …

LiveO2 Therapy

[youtube] LiveO2 / Oxygen Pulse Therapy Oxygen Pulse Therapy was first developed by Manfred von Ardenne as Oxygen Multistep Therapy. Oxygen Pulse Therapy induces a temporary maximum in plasma oxygen content, and other factors, to restore cellular oxygen delivery. Therapy targets capillary chokes with a multiple effect pulse of elevated heartbeat, oxygen, CO2, pulse …

Cure Cellular Fatigue

[youtube] Introduction This presentation concludes with a method to rapidly cure cellular fatigue. This is probably the most important health information most people will ever encounter. The material between here and there describes fatigue as a cascade of stress induced effects that inhibit cell energy. This loss causes local, and later, body-wide decrease in …


[youtube] Safety This section provides practial cautions regarding Oxygen Pulse Therapy. Oxygen is very safe, unless it is abused or over used. Harm is possible, but far beyond the recommended use described in this presentation. Oxygen Concentration There are several cautions about oxygen use: Breathing pure oxygen for 12 or more hours can harm …

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