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Detox Challenges

The Detoxification Challenge

Normal detoxification protocols often cause serious side effects for individuals with Agent Orange exposure. As a result, standard detoxification, fasting, and other well known approaches rarely work for Agent Orange. Toxin-release symptoms are unbearably severe for most.

General purpose detoxification liberates toxins. The freed toxins trigger serious, often unbearable, illness, and overload the body’s elimination pathways.

The lipophilic detox releases lipid-bound toxins by releasing the lipids. Keeping the lipids intact enables the toxins to stay tied up. This means the toxins don’t have as much ability to wreak havoc, or overload the elimination pathways.

That’s why the program uses large quantities of dietary fat. The high fat intake keeps the liberated toxins tied up, and increases the likelihood that the toxins will exit the bowel without re-absorption.


    • Guy on October 21, 2013 at 9:26 am
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    Hello, I am interested in in in the detox challenge with the protocol system regarding agent orange. Can you help me?

    1. Yes – the best source for PC Detox is – Dr. Patricia Kane is a true expert.

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