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PEMF Physical treatment

Ini­tial treat­ment takes about ten min­utes. A wire probe is wrapped around the low­er rib cage. Sharply pulsed elec­tric­i­ty is induced in the probe. The puls­es stim­u­late liv­er cells and reduce inflam­ma­tion.

Phys­i­cal­ly the treat­ment caus­es mild ener­getic sen­sa­tions with each pulse. The treat­ment is not painful, but it’s not “pleas­ant” either. The pulse gen­er­a­tor makes pop­ping sound at each pulse. Most indi­vid­u­als will feel minor spasms in the back, shoul­ders and neck. Elec­tro­mag­net­ic expo­sure is near­ly iden­ti­cal to hav­ing an MRI.

Most peo­ple report a decrease in arthri­tis, neck and back pain imme­di­ate­ly after treat­ment. Relief lasts for about three days.

Indi­vid­u­als with pace­mak­ers or implant­ed elec­tri­cal devices can­not use this treat­ment.

Lipophilic detox­i­fi­ca­tion uses phos­pho­lipids. Phos­pho­lipids are foods that make up the major­i­ty of the cell mem­branes. A nor­mal diet does not pro­vide enough phos­pho­lipids to enable ther­a­peu­tic lipophilic tox­in dilu­tion. 

Agent Orange is Refrac­to­ry (non respon­sive to drug ther­a­py)

Agent Orange tox­i­c­i­ty is refrac­to­ry to drugs. This means that drugs don’t to help. The rea­son is sim­ple:

  • Most drugs are for­eign sub­stances and are tox­ins them­selves. The liv­er is the major tox­in fil­ter. Giv­ing tox­ins makes the prob­lem worse by cre­at­ing more work for the liv­er that can’t do its job in the first place.
  • This phe­nom­e­non explains why con­ven­tion­al treat­ment pro­duces inad­e­quate results for Agent Orange, diox­in and oth­er lipophilic tox­in relat­ed dis­or­ders.

The ther­a­peu­tic require­ment for AO, as well as any liv­er treat­ment is to use approach­es that pro­vide ben­e­fit with­out mak­ing the prob­lem worse.

Agent Orange Toxins

They pol­lute cel­lu­lar lipids or fats. Lipids are essen­tial to all life on earth. Since plants have much less fat than humans, a very small amount of lipophilic tox­in is fatal to plants because a small amount of poi­son fatal­ly dam­ages the plant’s metab­o­lism. This is why they are effec­tive defo­liants. 

Plants and humans both have lipid mem­branes. The major­i­ty of lipophilic tox­ins dis­rupt cell mem­brane func­tion. Cell mem­brane dys­func­tion leads to dis­ease in humans and death in plants.

Small amounts don’t imme­di­ate­ly harm humans both because we have a much high­er per­cent­age of lipids, and because we metab­o­lize lipids much more rapid­ly than plants do. Over time, the same bio­chem­i­cal dys­func­tions that kill plants make peo­ple sick. The unfor­tu­nate result is long-term ill­ness for many.

Lipophilic tox­ins accu­mu­late in the liv­er. Lipophilic tox­ins nor­mal­ly cause liv­er-relat­ed ill­ness and symp­toms includ­ing high cho­les­terol, dia­betes, hepati­tis and more.


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