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PEMF Physical treatment

Initial treatment takes about ten minutes. A wire probe is wrapped around the lower rib cage. Sharply pulsed electricity is induced in the probe. The pulses stimulate liver cells and reduce inflammation.

Physically the treatment causes mild energetic sensations with each pulse. The treatment is not painful, but it’s not "pleasant" either. The pulse generator makes popping sound at each pulse. Most individuals will feel minor spasms in the back, shoulders and neck. Electromagnetic exposure is nearly identical to having an MRI.

Most people report a decrease in arthritis, neck and back pain immediately after treatment. Relief lasts for about three days.

Individuals with pacemakers or implanted electrical devices cannot use this treatment.

Lipophilic detoxification uses phospholipids. Phospholipids are foods that make up the majority of the cell membranes. A normal diet does not provide enough phospholipids to enable therapeutic lipophilic toxin dilution. 

Agent Orange is Refractory (non responsive to drug therapy)

Agent Orange toxicity is refractory to drugs. This means that drugs don’t to help. The reason is simple:

  • Most drugs are foreign substances and are toxins themselves. The liver is the major toxin filter. Giving toxins makes the problem worse by creating more work for the liver that can’t do its job in the first place.
  • This phenomenon explains why conventional treatment produces inadequate results for Agent Orange, dioxin and other lipophilic toxin related disorders.

The therapeutic requirement for AO, as well as any liver treatment is to use approaches that provide benefit without making the problem worse.

Agent Orange Toxins

They pollute cellular lipids or fats. Lipids are essential to all life on earth. Since plants have much less fat than humans, a very small amount of lipophilic toxin is fatal to plants because a small amount of poison fatally damages the plant’s metabolism. This is why they are effective defoliants. 

Plants and humans both have lipid membranes. The majority of lipophilic toxins disrupt cell membrane function. Cell membrane dysfunction leads to disease in humans and death in plants.

Small amounts don’t immediately harm humans both because we have a much higher percentage of lipids, and because we metabolize lipids much more rapidly than plants do. Over time, the same biochemical dysfunctions that kill plants make people sick. The unfortunate result is long-term illness for many.

Lipophilic toxins accumulate in the liver. Lipophilic toxins normally cause liver-related illness and symptoms including high cholesterol, diabetes, hepatitis and more.

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