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Electromagnetic Physiology

PEMF and Cell Physiology

Each cell is surrounded by a thin lipid bilayer membrane. The membrane has a voltage, 70 mV. The external electrical field interacts with the cells regular mechanics producing therapeutic effects:

  • PEMF flexes cell membranes to enable change. The external field interacts with the cell’s native field causing reversing pulsed forces outward and then inward. This "tapping" physically flexes the cell wall and stimulates normal cellular metabolism, including toxin release. The flexing helps cells to reestablish normal nutrient and toxin flow into the milieu, or cell environment. Research literature indicates that observed benefits result stimulation helps liver cells to deflate and release a percentage of toxins that disrupt normal function; 
  • Damaged or weakened cells have diminished cell energy. This diminished energy results in a weaker Trans-Membrane Potential, or TMP. Pulsing raises the TMP of the cell. An increase in the TMP helps the cells re-establish normal function.

The Combined Approach

Therapy combines lipid-dilution cleansing with PEMF. Therapeutic quantities of essential phospholipids/anti-oxidant cocktails, and other nutrients to facilitate lipophilic toxin release. 

These elements trigger systemic lipid replacement enabling incremental dilution, turnover and release of stored lipophilic toxins. 

We recommend between five and twenty pounds of concentrated phospholipids in conjunction with a high-fat diet to reduce systemic toxicity. Since this is a lot of lipids, it will take several months to complete the detoxification schedule. This program is very different from dogmatic low-fat diets, and more closely resembles the highly effective Atkins program for weight loss.

Subject should NOT be on a calorie restricted diet during the detoxification. A reduced calorie diet may cause the subject to re-absorb the released toxin-bearing lipids resulting in re-contamination. We suggest that low-fat and reduced fat diets are a cofactor in lipophilic toxin accumulation.

The combination of these approaches is designed to provide both symptomatic and curative relief for lipophilic toxin diseases. 

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