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Lipophilic Detox

We propose that lipophilic dilution cleansing is a safe and effective method to reduce the toxin concentrations in the

liver and body.

The model is simple. Think about the oil in your car’s engine. When the oil is dirty, you change it, replacing dirty oil with fresh. The old dirty oil is drained and discarded. If you put a cup of dioxin in your car’s engine, and changed the oil, very little dioxin would remain after even a single oil change.

The human body is different. You can’t drain the oil. This cleanse slowly replaces the cellular-membrane lipids by continuously over-supplying ideal lipids. It is like adding a little fresh oil to your car every day, and letting the over-flow escape to dispose of the dirty oil. The oil gets cleaner, just not all at once.

In other words, if we add ¼ pounds of unpolluted lipids to the body in a day, in a form guaranteed to integrate into the cell membranes, we will dilute the toxins. The overflow lipids will be discarded by the liver as bile. The systemic result will be a decreased concentration of lipophilic toxins in the cell.

This special class of molecules is called phospholipids. These molecules are immediately integrated into the cell wall, and are available as extracts of common foods. They are absolutely non-toxic in any amount.

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