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PEMF Relief

PEMF Symptom Relief

Liv­er inflam­ma­tion is a very com­mon symp­tom of agent orange. The liv­er is the fil­ter for lipophilic tox­ins which accu­mu­late most­ly in the liv­er. As a result the liv­er is most affect­ed by Agent Orange expo­sure.

Pulsed mag­net­ic fields decrease liv­er inflam­ma­tion quick­ly, often in min­utes. 

Pulsed fields elec­tri­cal­ly mas­sage liv­er cells. The mas­sage caus­es a cel­lu­lar open­ing of the cell walls called elec­tro­po­ra­tion. Elec­tro­po­ra­tion enables trapped inflam­ma­tion, and often tox­ins to escape. This release pro­vides relief. Results last from three to five days, and repeat­ed PEMF ther­a­py often pro­vides sub­stan­tial relief.

Drugs don’t work because they chal­lenge the already dam­aged liv­er, and make a bad prob­lem worse. This explains why con­ven­tion­al ther­a­pies have such poor results. Anti-inflam­ma­to­ry drugs for liv­er inflam­ma­tion are a lot like giv­ing a drown­ing per­son a glass of water. 

If you’d like to review sci­en­tif­ic arti­cles, this page con­tains links to about 100 sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly cred­i­ble peer reviewed arti­cles that show sig­nif­i­cant bio-ther­a­peu­tic results from using Mag­net­ic Fields. In oth­er words, our obser­va­tion that PEMF reduce inflam­ma­tion is no sur­prise, if you’re a sci­en­tif­ic researcher. 

Mag­net­ic fields are well known in diag­nos­tic med­i­cine, and they are con­sid­ered safe, even at extreme inten­si­ties used in Mag­net­ic Res­o­nance Imag­ing.


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