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PEMF Relief

PEMF Symptom Relief

Liver inflammation is a very common symptom of agent orange. The liver is the filter for lipophilic toxins which accumulate mostly in the liver. As a result the liver is most affected by Agent Orange exposure.

Pulsed magnetic fields decrease liver inflammation quickly, often in minutes. 

Pulsed fields electrically massage liver cells. The massage causes a cellular opening of the cell walls called electroporation. Electroporation enables trapped inflammation, and often toxins to escape. This release provides relief. Results last from three to five days, and repeated PEMF therapy often provides substantial relief.

Drugs don’t work because they challenge the already damaged liver, and make a bad problem worse. This explains why conventional therapies have such poor results. Anti-inflammatory drugs for liver inflammation are a lot like giving a drowning person a glass of water. 

If you’d like to review scientific articles, this page contains links to about 100 scientifically credible peer reviewed articles that show significant bio-therapeutic results from using Magnetic Fields. In other words, our observation that PEMF reduce inflammation is no surprise, if you’re a scientific researcher. 

Magnetic fields are well known in diagnostic medicine, and they are considered safe, even at extreme intensities used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

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