Agent Orange


  • Usu­al­ly reduces liv­er inflam­ma­tion & dis­com­fort with­in an hour;
  • Repeat appli­ca­tions relieve most dis­com­fort with­in a month;
  • Treat­ment is exper­i­men­tal & pri­vate­ly fund­ed;
  • Not spon­sored or accept­ed by VA.

DDT, Diox­in, and Agent Orange are lipophilic tox­ins. They pol­lute the lipids or fats in your body and make you sick. Tox­ins stored in fats are dif­fi­cult to release. Most treat­ments make symp­toms worse.

This three minute video pro­vides an intro­duc­tion to our pro­gram.


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Agent Orange