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Ear­li­er this year I trained hard on Extreme O2. Short­ly I felt good enough out­run my 11 year old in a 100 yard sprint — wear­ing san­dals — run­ning in a ditch — after 3 beers. This com­bi­na­tion was a BAD idea.

I won the race with a grade‑2 ACL sprain (~60% torn), and an inguinal her­nia.Inguinal Hernia

The ACL was an easy fix with enstem & 2x dai­ly mag­na­pulse. I dropped the crutch­es in 2 days, full squat in a month, and felt all bet­ter in about 2 months. Six months lat­er I had no phys­i­cal mem­o­ry of the knee injury.

The her­nia is anoth­er sto­ry. Late Thurs­day her­nia surgery read­ied me for Fri­day trav­el.  At 7:00  a.m. I began the 6 leg trip home. This my harsh­est trav­el day ever.  It was NOT fun.

I packed an ePad to dress the wound after surgery.  Overnight I got minor swelling with no vis­i­ble bruis­es.  Ear­li­er prepped for surgery with three hard ExtremeO2 ses­sions and felt clean inter­nal­ly.

24 hours after surgery, the repaired mus­cles were very-very angry — with a sear­ing-hot pain.  Dur­ing a lull in the pain Revi­ci’s wound pH man­age­ment mod­el came to my dis­tressed mind:

  • Dis­tressed cells super-uti­lize chlo­ride
  • Lost Chlo­ride orphans extra­cel­lu­lar sodi­um caus­ing region­al alka­lo­sis
  • Alka­lo­sis caus­es pain — And HOW !
  • Revi­ci inject­ed Glyc­erol and n‑Butyl alco­hol to neu­tral­ize the alka­lo­sis
  • It seemed my post-oper­a­tive pain was a lot like Revi­ci described in his anal­ge­sia patent.

The moral of the sto­ry is — An hour lat­er — I’m pret­ty much pain free by com­bin­ing his recipes with on-board ener­getic tools:

  1. 2 ml of sele­nat­ed eleiostearic acid (TSel) — oral = 25 mg lipolized sele­ni­um DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SELENIUM FOR THIS — Ion­ic sele­ni­um is very tox­ic
  2. Top­i­cal DMSO, n‑Butyl + Glyc­erol — reap­plied @ pain (approx­i­mate­ly hourly).
  3. ePad con­tin­u­ous
  4. 15 min Mag­na­Pulse / Zeta Probe — Morn­ing & Evening

Now — you have to be a real nerd to have, let alone trav­el with this kind of stuff — but what can I say.  Here’s a mod­el of how the com­bi­na­tion works:


  1. TSel — is the big dad­dy of bi-valent neg­a­tive chalco­gens.The sele­ni­um fed the dis­tressed cells curb­ing their over-use of chlo­ride.  Oxi­dized lipids car­ry sele­ni­um only to path­o­gen­ic-stressed cells.
  2. Revi­ci dis­cov­ered n‑Butyl / Glyc­erol to neu­tral­ize alka­lo­sis — study­ing wound-crust pH. The n‑butyl alco­hol curbs the cata­bol­ic imbal­ance — while glyc­erol gen­er­ates lac­tic acid and lib­er­ates OH+ to neu­tral­ize orphaned sodi­um in injured tis­sue (Anaer­o­bic Krebs Cycle).
  3. The ePad donates elec­trons to increase local zeta poten­tial mak­ing it eas­i­er to move nutri­ents in and waste out.
  4. Mag­na­Pulse charges the cells and helps reduce inflam­ma­tion.
Electron Distribution model Zeta Potential

Elec­tron Dis­tri­b­u­tion mod­el Zeta Poten­tial

This pro­to­col mod­el:

  • Min­i­mizes irri­tants — excess Na+ = alka­li;
  • Max­i­mizes flu­id mobil­i­ty (zeta poten­tial)
  • Max­i­mizes region­al cel­lu­lar ener­gy pro­duc­tions
  • and seems like it also ought to min­i­mize recov­ery time — we’ll see tomor­row.

I’ll post again to see how long it takes until is to opti­mize the ener­getic, nutri­ent and cel­lu­lar hygeine.

Curi­ous­ly — with these opti­mized — there is only minor dis­com­fort that abates quick­ly.  Each dose of Anti-Alka­lo­sis spray, and 6 min­utes of Mag­na­Pulse, cool the area back to com­fort with­in 10 min­utes.

I can’t say if or how much this method accel­er­ates heal­ing yet — but it seems that:

  • min­i­mized cel­lu­lar irri­ta­tion
  • improved nutri­ent and waste mobil­i­ty from ePads & Mag­na­Pulse;
  • will help heal­ing and I’ll recov­ery faster than oth­er­wise.
A wiser Dad  - well maybe.

A wis­er Dad — well maybe.

But NO MATTER how fast this heals — I won’t be sprint­ing to win any races with­out prop­er train­ing & shoes again.


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