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Earlier this year I trained hard on Extreme O2. Shortly I felt good enough outrun my 11 year old in a 100 yard sprint – wearing sandals – running in a ditch – after 3 beers. This combination was a BAD idea.

I won the race with a grade-2 ACL sprain (~60% torn), and an inguinal hernia.Inguinal Hernia

The ACL was an easy fix with enstem & 2x daily magnapulse. I dropped the crutches in 2 days, full squat in a month, and felt all better in about 2 months. Six months later I had no physical memory of the knee injury.

The hernia is another story. Late Thursday hernia surgery readied me for Friday travel.  At 7:00  a.m. I began the 6 leg trip home. This my harshest travel day ever.  It was NOT fun.

I packed an ePad to dress the wound after surgery.  Overnight I got minor swelling with no visible bruises.  Earlier prepped for surgery with three hard ExtremeO2 sessions and felt clean internally.

24 hours after surgery, the repaired muscles were very-very angry – with a searing-hot pain.  During a lull in the pain Revici’s wound pH management model came to my distressed mind:

  • Distressed cells super-utilize chloride
  • Lost Chloride orphans extracellular sodium causing regional alkalosis
  • Alkalosis causes pain – And HOW !
  • Revici injected Glycerol and n-Butyl alcohol to neutralize the alkalosis
  • It seemed my post-operative pain was a lot like Revici described in his analgesia patent.

The moral of the story is – An hour later – I’m pretty much pain free by combining his recipes with on-board energetic tools:

  1. 2 ml of selenated eleiostearic acid (TSel) – oral = 25 mg lipolized selenium DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SELENIUM FOR THIS – Ionic selenium is very toxic
  2. Topical DMSO, n-Butyl + Glycerol – reapplied @ pain (approximately hourly).
  3. ePad continuous
  4. 15 min MagnaPulse / Zeta Probe – Morning & Evening

Now – you have to be a real nerd to have, let alone travel with this kind of stuff – but what can I say.  Here’s a model of how the combination works:


  1. TSel – is the big daddy of bi-valent negative chalcogens.The selenium fed the distressed cells curbing their over-use of chloride.  Oxidized lipids carry selenium only to pathogenic-stressed cells.
  2. Revici discovered n-Butyl / Glycerol to neutralize alkalosis – studying wound-crust pH. The n-butyl alcohol curbs the catabolic imbalance – while glycerol generates lactic acid and liberates OH+ to neutralize orphaned sodium in injured tissue (Anaerobic Krebs Cycle).
  3. The ePad donates electrons to increase local zeta potential making it easier to move nutrients in and waste out.
  4. MagnaPulse charges the cells and helps reduce inflammation.
Electron Distribution model Zeta Potential

Electron Distribution model Zeta Potential

This protocol model:

  • Minimizes irritants – excess Na+ = alkali;
  • Maximizes fluid mobility (zeta potential)
  • Maximizes regional cellular energy productions
  • and seems like it also ought to minimize recovery time – we’ll see tomorrow.

I’ll post again to see how long it takes until is to optimize the energetic, nutrient and cellular hygeine.

Curiously – with these optimized – there is only minor discomfort that abates quickly.  Each dose of Anti-Alkalosis spray, and 6 minutes of MagnaPulse, cool the area back to comfort within 10 minutes.

I can’t say if or how much this method accelerates healing yet – but it seems that:

  • minimized cellular irritation
  • improved nutrient and waste mobility from ePads & MagnaPulse;
  • will help healing and I’ll recovery faster than otherwise.
A wiser Dad  - well maybe.

A wiser Dad – well maybe.

But NO MATTER how fast this heals – I won’t be sprinting to win any races without proper training & shoes again.

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