Stale Injury Care & Turf Toe

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Stale Injury Care & Turf Toe

EnStem is a new energetic therapy for chronic inflammation affecting connective tissue.

It has been 100% effective resolving stale and chronic injury with NFL clients so far.  Turf toe discomfort usually resolves within an hour, while other injuries recover much faster than expected. 

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The  NFL Injury Report shows the performance of EnStema.  Jacob Bell, STL, upgraded from questionable to probable after his hamstring injury.  Winston Justice, PHL, listed as “probable” from week 1-6, reports limited ability to practice for the first time this season.  Watch for Winston’s return in November.

Energetic Stem Activation, EnStem, prepares injured tissue to host stem cells.  It reduces inflammation, and improves mobility within minutes, without drugs.

Preparing an injured area to nurture stem cells accelerates healing.  Most injuries, including sprains and muscle strains, heal in a fraction of normal time.  See ongoing reports of accelerated recovery at our – WHN Sports Page.


EnStemA has proven immediately effective accelerating recovery from chronic athletic injury:

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Not convinced yet?  Check out the story of Winston Justice surprise return to the Philadelphia Eagles from Energetic Stem Activation Therapy.

The therapy model addresses unresolved inflammation caused by:

  • ongoing performance stress — joints: turf-toe, tendonitis, etc.;
  • stale trauma — from surgery, fracture, or acute sprains that cause persisting inflammatory discomfort;
  • results are immediate in 100% of cases to date.

EnStemA helps micro-trauma.  Micro-Trauma affects connective tissue damage as microscopic lesions. When the damage rate exceeds the healing rate, the condition causes chronic and often escalating discomfort, inflammation, and finally structural degeneration.

The imbalance results from near constant strain-induced damage versus a sub-optimal healing rate from:

  • compromised tissue energy
  • low connective tissue oxygen levels
  • poor nutrient & waste mobility in injured tissue.

EnStemA helps the hidden cellular, nutrient, and energetic factors that accelerate healing in non-vascular (connective) tissue.

Athletic subjects (NFL players) report:

  • Immediate post-therapy symptom reduction (a) of at least 40% after first therapy with performance stress injury (b) and stale injury (c);
  • Immediate improved joint performance;
  • Joint stabalization ~30 days post therapy;
  • Near complete resolution of stale injury within 3 sessions;
  • Fully restored joint mobility and stability 6+ months post therapy;
  • Un-interrupted play, or restored play due to accelerated recovery.

(a) (discomfort & range of motion)

(b) (turf toe, tendonitis, hamstring, etc.)

(c) (surgery & acute trauma);

Evidence indicates the method accelerates recovery in recent acute injury also including accelerated recovery from high ankle sprain.

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    • andrew seabury on May 21, 2012 at 12:01 pm
    • Reply

    I would like to know where I can receive this therapy.I live in Tyler,Tx,and the closest city is Dallas.Thank You!

    1. Hi Andrew:
      I’m so sorry that I didn’t catch your comment for so long. I will contact you when I return to Texas. It’s curious that I was working with clients in Dallas and Austin when you left it!
      I you are still interested – call me 970 494 1972

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